Psycholinguistics Laboratory

Gail Mauner, Ph.D.

Jean-Pierre Koenig

The research in this laboratory focuses on the mental representations and processing mechanisms involved in the comprehension of words, sentences, and discourses.

Domains that we are actively investigating are:
  1. Representation and Processing of Participant Role Information
  2. Learning explanations for structural priming in language comprehension
  3. Prediction in language processing
  4. Processing of subject and object relative clauses
  5. Structural Priming in Bilingual sentence production
  6. Cross-linguistic processing of temporal information
  7. Bilingual sentence processing (with Kathy Conklin, University of Nottingham)
  8. Processing of verb semantic information in language-disordered populations (with Cynthia Thompson, Northwestern University)

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Psycholinguistics Laboratory
375-377 Park Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260-4110

Phone: (716) 645-3650 Ext. 377
FAX: (716) 645-3801